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I think I can make it!

I'm on a 2-month trip in the Northwest around Oregon, Washington and BC, see "Hood River Oregon in July,"

It's looking like I will be able to coordinate my plans and make it to one to two days of the Muni Weekend!!

We're mostly tent camping, and I will be with my family and 2 small kids, so the best would be if there's kid-friendly camping and activities nearby.

I will only have a 26" so not really up for trials, flatland or street...
If I only make one day/place/ride, which would be the best?
Tiger Mountain, Hansen Ridge, or Duthie Hill Mountain Bike Park?

Originally Posted by thenoli View Post
I just looked into a few options, and the top 3 seem to be the best in terms of location.
(in order of convenience) (Sammamish, WA) (Issaquah, WA) (Fall City, WA)

Lastly, this is a listing of campgrounds in the area. Most of them are pretty far.
So from what I can gather, the 3 days are all at different locations?

It looks like the first and third have tent camping and are pretty close to Duthie Hill Mountain Bike Park, and not too far from Tiger Mountain... where is Hansen Ridge?

Any other muni riders camping?

I just checked the Facebook page and it looks like quite a few will be camping at Snoqualmie River RV Park and Campground. Sounds good. Anyone know if that's kid-friendly for a 3 yr old?
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