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Originally Posted by oldfatboy View Post
Miles of 4-wheeler paths/trails beside highway, but when snow flies, that's where all the highway snow gets blown off to.
If I get comfortable enough to try it, may go out on the snow packed gravel side roads.
I'll do something
Obviously NC is nothing like AK when it comes to snow, but I haven't missed a chance whenever we've had any accumulation to ride and it's a real kick. No bugs and less sweat, like Canoeheadted says, and staying warm has never been a problem. Below zero Fahrenheit would probably be very different, but well under zero Celcius with bare legs has always been perfectly fine. And it's totally different experience every time out depending on the surface conditions. The Eskimos are right to have 40 words for snow.

If you get lucky and have a long mild autumn this year, that might be ideal for learning, especially so if you go heavy on the protective gear.
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