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Originally Posted by elpuebloUNIdo View Post
Most of the rough-terrain riding I saw on the video involved the riders moving very slowly, a series of starts and stops, with both their arms out for balance. Unicycling is cool, because there can be different approaches.
Watching Kris on the ultimate wheel, I thought that his riding style might not be all that different from how his dad rode uneven surfaces and very steep inclines on a conventional unicycle. I wonder if he might have taken a different path to ultimate wheel riding by learning to ride like his father first. And I'm inclined to think you're likely right about George being careful to stay within the limits of the unicycles available to him at the time, adapting his techniques to those limits.

Originally Posted by oldfatboy View Post
thanks for posting the video. Great inspiration. I've not seen that one, but watched about all that George made.
Glad you enjoyed! I also got a lot of inspiration from watching George, especially during the months when I was just starting to ride.

That family amazes me, and having lived in Seward (and visit there), I wonder how a person can do all that.
Dedication and time, and maybe not a whole lot else to do around there?

At my weight and age, I'd be happy to ride around the parking lot lot here at the center and apartment complex
I'm sure you will if you stick with it. Despite George's disclaimers about having only average aptitude at learning those skills, saying anyone could learn to do it with time and effort, I suspect that he's really very gifted at physical skills like that. I don't see the trajectory of my skill development ever getting to there. But I'm still happy to be able to go out and ride around the neighborhood until I feel like stopping, or to bash through some of the easier mountain bike trails around here--when the rain lets up and they're dry enough, a big issue this year.

Originally Posted by Unisphere View Post
There's another video where George Peck is riding a UW. Click here.
You can find more Peck videos on Vimeo; just search 'Kris Peck'.
Be well and keep it spinning.
I'll have to check those out. I never noticed how many videos Kris had on Vimeo, and judging by the dates, they were posted there even before I started unicycling. Thanks for the heads-up.
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