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Problems with NIMBUS ISIS DISC STEEL HUB - 36 HOLE (125MM)?

I've just built a 36" wheel with this hub (, and then I saw a review saying that there is a problem with fitting cranks to this hub.

Has anyone had any experience with this hub? Were there any problems? Did you solve the problems?

The review:
This hub looks good and strong but is somehow out of tolerances. It cames with 6mm spacers but they cannot not be used with Venture2 cranks since the bolt is bottoming before the crank hits the spacer. I destroyed one pair of Venture2 cranks before I recognized the issue. Both bolts were tight but the cranks became floppy. I have now installed brand new Venture2 cranks with 6.6mm spacers and will see if it works. I cannot use thinner spacer since otherwise crank - spacer - bearing will not be tight. If it's not working then only option is to grind the axle (voids warranty?) and use 5mm spacers. (Posted on 18/04/2018)
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