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Thank you, johnfoss and song for further explaining wheel walking. I will practice slowing to a virtual halt...before attempting to put my feet on the pedals. Just like beginner riders, my tendency is to speed up throughout the course of the wheel walk. The frustrating thing about the transition back to the pedals is that failed attempts are going to land me on my ass. Reminds me of the sketchy falls I had as a beginner. This is not true of most failed attempts at other techniques, where a UPD lands me on my feet.

I am pretty good at a variety of jump mounts, but all of them are landed with the seat in front (or behind), in my hand(s), rather than under my bottom. If a jump mount fails, seat out, I land on my feet. If a seat-in mount fails, I land on my ass. I have a similar feeling about the transition back to the feet during the wheel walk. Sketchy as hell...

I have a pair of tail bone protection shorts. I will put them on next time I practice wheel walking.
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