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Originally Posted by elpuebloUNIdo View Post
After dreaming about wheel walking 50 feet, I was disappointed to return to reality based practice, yesterday, when I was lucky to ww 10 feet. I read somewhere, maybe on the forum, that the "think" method only works when there's an adequate amount of related knowledge. For example, you're an accomplished musician and have to learn a different instrument. You might make some progress thinking about playing the new instrument. I thought a lot about unicycling when I was a beginner, but that didn't stop me from regressing from the end of one session to the beginning of the next. When I was not quite a beginner any more, on one day I would practice a mount 50 times, only landing it on the 50th try...then, on the next day, I would land the mount on the first try. This suggests, to me, that some learning occurred while thinking about unicycling. But, for that to happen, I needed enough knowledge about unicycling to construct an adequate model of whatever technique I was learning. And the only way I could get that knowledge was to accidentally, randomly do the right thing by landing the mount on the 50th try. There are some beginners on the forum who have been politely accused of over thinking unicycling. I think the implication is that, for beginners, there are too many "unknown unknowns" to expect that over-thinking unicycling is going to help. You just have to experience it. As a beginner, when I randomly did something right, allowing me to ride a bit farther, I would think about how it "felt" when I had a good run. It was hard for me to "know" what I did right. I made assumptions, but many of my assumptions were later proved wrong. So, long story short, to answer my own question, whether or not dreaming about unicycling helps in learning, I suppose it depends. Maybe for emerging techniques, dreaming helps. If I dreamed about gliding, however, which is something I'm not even close to being able to do, I'm not sure that dreaming about it would help me learn any faster. Before ever trying it, I dreamed that I put my feet back on the pedals while wheel walking. Yesterday, I attempted putting my feet back in real life, and I fell on my ass. I suppose that not knowing much about wheel walking means that thinking about it, dreaming about it, may not improve my technique. Nevertheless, dreams can be motivating.
I come back with the Lucid Dreaming subject cause it's used by some sportsmen to enhance their trainings and their results.

See this article. From the German Psychologist Paul Tholey.

I resume his thesis there:
Thesis 1: Sensory-motor skills which have already been mastered in their rough outlines can be refined by using lucid dreaming.

Thesis 2: New sensory-motor skills can be learned using lucid dreaming.

Thesis 3: Sensory-motor actions can be perfected by test runs carried out in a lucid dream state.

Thesis 4: The flexibility of an athlete’s reactions can be substantially improved by varying body movements in lucid dreams.

Thesis 5: Lucid dreaming can also be used for practicing mental movements which make sensory-motor learning easier.

Thesis 6: Lucid dreaming can be used for improving the organization of the phe-nomenal field with respect to the execution of sports movements.

Thesis 7
: By changing the personality structure, lucid dreaming can lead to im-proved performance and a higher level of creativity in sports.

I remind that "Lucid Dreaming" means: dreaming while knowing that your are dreaming.
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