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Originally Posted by elpuebloUNIdo View Post
When I dreamed I was wheel walking, when I attempted to transition back to the pedals (this is my next big stumbling block), that part happened very slowly. I think I failed in the dream because I don't have any real concept how to transition back. Even in my dreams, there was some reality.
Well, before you get lost in magic realism, try slowing down your wheel walk. Actually, you can wheel walk at any speed you like, but at the moment you return to the reality of the pedals, it helps to be approaching a standstill.

For me, that means going from riding to taking six steps on the tire, then back to riding. By that sixth step, I have slowed way down, and my left pedal is (hopefully) approaching the forward horizontal position. I step on it, quite forcefully if necessary, and bring the other pedal smacking into the sole of my right foot. Then I become an axolotl and ride off into the Pampas.
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