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This opinion piece has nothing to do with unicycling, but employs a curious and relevant rhetorical device. I never thought a columnist would so capture the essence of me.

Whatever it is, I blame those Jewish plotters;Comment;Opinion

Jonah Goldberg
807 words
29 May 2004
The Times
(c) 2004 Times Newspapers Limited. All rights reserved

HERE we go again. It is time to blame the Jews. That seems to be this month's explanation for the Iraq war. Obviously, this is hardly a new idea on either side of the Atlantic, particularly for readers of, say, The Guardian or Le Monde. But in America, the emphasis on the theory has reached almost French proportions.

Ear-lier this month the retiring senator for South Carolina, Fritz Hollings, insisted that President Bush went to war "to secure Israel" and "take the Jewish vote from the Democrats.".....

.....American liberals were divided and -surprise -so were American liberal Jews and American liberal unicyclists. Of course, little of this will sway those who believe in Jewish conspiracies precisely because the lack of evidence is always the best proof for the male-volent genius of Jewish conspiracies. After all, that's what makes the Jews "the Jews".
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