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I would imagine people said the same thing about taking a Uni off road many years ago...

Don't get me wrong, I agree with you 100% Ben.

It takes age and experience to know how far to push it. Some people never learn. I used to push past my limits in mt. biking, a few years ago I learned how far "too far" was and spent most of a year recovering from a bad wipeout. There are people out there way more skilled than me, so let them do it.

Having your limits and knowing to say "when" is important, but everyone is different.

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I find it curious that folks want to push the speed limits on a unicycle. Going fast on a uni is really not playing into the strengths of unicycling. Agility, flexibility, quickness, these are the traits that make unicycling unique in contrast to bicycles. Going fast on a unicycle is dangerous, as many people are learning.

You can't make a pony into a race horse, but you can have fun riding a pony.
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