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You can get hurt riding unicycles. You can also get hurt doing other things, like taking out the garbage or walking across the street.

I think most people that get hurt on 36ers are pushing the speed envelope, and usually with shorter cranks which also means less control. I enjoy my 36 with 152 cranks, going 11-12 mph on and off road. At reasonable speeds where you can run it out (I have long legs so can run out a 12 mph UPD), I feel very safe on the 36 because if I UPD off the front I usually have plenty of time to position myself before I hit the ground. If I want to go faster, I get on a bicycle or motorcycle. The great thing about the 36er is being high up with the big wheel under you - it's just a great fun feeling. I'd never seen one in person before buying mine, certainly don't regret getting it, and am looking to upgrade to a disk brake model.
My 29er is my little wheel. Roll it, baby!

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