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Current Schlumpf hub + spirit cranks + disc brake modifications

I have a most recent available generation Schlumpf hub
plus spirit cranks and a disc brake on a 2012 KH frame.

these parts needed some modifications to get to work together and over time I am getting a little creaking noise from my right crank - Im presuming because of my under torquing of the crank bolt this side.

So I can think of a few strategies to employ to get these pieces to work together .

My question is which have you used and why. is it working out OK for you?

My feeling is I may need to adjust my approach.

A - filing down lateral wall of bearing housing
B - filing down of disc rotor bolts
C - deliberate under torquing of crank bolt
D - countersinking disc rotor and using replacement countersunk rotor bolts

So far I have employed A&C
torquing the bolt to 30NM
If you have some other strategies please add them to the list
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