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Hi there

I agree that is great to have both the 24 and 26 wheel sizes for Muni. I've got KH dual hole cranks in both but for Muni I use the 150 hole/length as it gives you that extra leverage to tackle everything you might encounter. I owned the 26 first and bought the 24 much later one to improve my limited Muni skills (hopping, rolling hops, downhill etc..). To me the 24 feels like a bridge between the Trials 19 and the world of technical Muni if you are trying to do rolling hops/hops/drops etc... My technical skills have improved a lot since I've got the 24. I practice stuff on my 19 and once I get better at it I do them on my 24. I can do similar technical stuff I have learned on my 26 but they are harder to do/get right. As I slowly get better I use the 26 more and more for difficult terrain these days but I still like to use the 24 to develop my technique in Muni/Trials and also for trails that are very steep/tricky/difficult for my limited skills.

I think the 27.5 would be too big for me unless I am doing trails that required less technical stuff and it is more about covering ground..

I think the 26 is a great wheel size (I've got the Knard tyre on it) and it is a shame KH has stopped making them
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