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the first uni I bought after my trainer "Only One" uni was the KH26, with which I've ridden many kilometres. I'm not really a muni-rider, maybe more for cross country on dirt roads. After a year I got the Nimbus Oracle 29" which was a lot nicer for longer distance. Several times a year I go to Denmark for work and always take one or two unis with me. This week I took the 26, also because I'm learning to hop and a smaller wheel makes it easier I think.
Now with the coming of the 27.5", the 26 is about to be phased out. At least in the KH collection as far as I've read. Do yous know if the 26" is kept in use in the Nimbus collection, I needed a new hub for it and then bought a Nimbus hub and wheel for it at I ride all unis, apart from the trials and freestyle unis with 150mm, which makes it easier to freemount when shifting different wheelsizes. Last week I tried with 127 cranks on the 32" and freemounting became near impossible. Of course it takes getting used to, but 150mm is the most comfy for me.
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