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Originally Posted by weissnp View Post
Hey I was wondering what the difference was between having a 24" or 26" wheel on a MUni. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each.

For the purpose of this debate, let us consider that both MUnis are fitted with 3" tyres and 150mm cranks.
The 24" is more agile, is lighter, and lower, which makes it ideal for hill work,climbing and descending on technical terrain, ducking under branches and hopping, but on flat trails it is a bit slow and twitchy
The 26" is faster, rolls over obstacles easier, and less twitchy, which makes it ideal for less technical and less hilly, open trails, but on technical trails it's a bit cumbersome.
I prefer the 24" because I love forest descents, weaving my way around the trees and obstacles as I go. The lower centre of gravity on the 24" gives me better balance and I can lean lower into sharp turns.

So which size you choose depends on what type terrain and challenge prefer.

Hope this helps
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