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Aaron, I too got the 36 this year but a few months ago. And sure I love the big wheel momentum and speed. So like yourself I realized/figured I was unlikely to ever want to ride the 29 on the road.

I also have the Todd so light muni XC is an option for the 36.

So what to do with the 'useless' 29- er! Well, like suggested, the new perspective and confidence of riding a 36 has made me feel more comfortable on the 'small' 29 wheel size. With the addition of the Hans Dampf to the 29 it has become a worthy non technical muni choice (for me) and the old KH 26 hasn't been ridden since.

My advice- like previously given by davidp- is to wait a few months before ditching the 29. After you have ridden the 36 a whole bunch go back and rediscover the 29's potential with your new skills and confidence.


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