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Yup, Canoeheadted and the others are correct. Lean forward and pedal, thatís all there is to do. Practice stepping over a lot with some momentum, youíll fall forward. Then practice mounting remember to lean forward when seated, your uni will automatically tilt slightly back, sit there and set your pedals. Do that a lot till you get it. Once you can mount and set your pedals, lean a bit more forward, let go of your support, pedal and fall off forward. I have literally fallen a couple of thousand times learning to ride. At least that many times also trying to free mount. My ankles got pretty sore from all the impact. That improved once I learned to ride and figured out to stop before dismounting. Because I am always leaning forward Iím always falling forward. None backwards so far. I think Iím just reiterating what all the experienced riders have already stated, just not as well. Good luck.
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