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writing is so difficult!
I will try to download your book from Amazon (though I don't use Kindle but Calibre -I am an EPUB format fan-).
I try to write science-fiction ... I started with a book ... but I am suffering from the "George Mc Fly syndrome" so tried with short novels instead.
Since there are more SF magazine in English I started with novels in english.
Pro: responses are (nearly) immediate; Con: all where rejected.
So I bundled all these in an epub and put it on the web -> reviews are bad
(the title anticipated this result since it's: "Paperbasket anticipation")
So I switched to French. Con: responses take months or years; Pro: some get published.
It's so difficult to write: there is the problem of style (mine is poor) and of scenario (I stubbornly stick to speculative fiction and it's not the current trend) but it keeps my last remaining neuron alive and well.
keep writing, keep riding ! kudos !
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