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Just back from holidays in Tunisia!

One week ago I came back from 2 weeks in Tunisia (Jerba island).

As usual, I had a unicycle with me - in fact, a KH26 Guni, that I had also with me last year during my 2010 Summer holidays, which very advantageously replaced the ungeared KH29 that I was taking with me in the plane previously.

Sorry if the picture is not very fancy... my digital camera was almost dead (it now is ) when I took the picture, and the day was almost over with still 6~7 miles to go.

During another ride, I got lost in the "labyrinthic" sandy paths which the island of Jerba is mostly made of, and I needed the help of a few local people to find my way out.
I ended up having to ride 6 miles on the road in the total dark (well, I'm glad the moon was there to light my way a -very- little), in low gear of course, which eventually proved to be an interesting experience and something I will definitely remember!
The best moment during this night ride was when a guy on a motorcycle, riding the same road as me but in the opposite direction, came in my direction with also no light at all: not sure he saw or heard me, but on my end I knew for sure he was there thanks to... the noise of the engine... all the rest being... dark black!

Cheers, MadC.
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