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Question Honda fit or toyota prius?

This is *driving* me crazy..pun not intended but "fits" none the less! Anyway, I'm ready to buy a new car and I'm torn between the Honda fit sport with mpg estimates of 27/34/29 combined, and about $10,000 less than the toyota prius, which are selling out faster than dealers can get them.

Not only that, but supply in demand means that most are selling them atup to $3,500 OVER msrp! So we're talking-for just a base model-almost $30k out the door if paying cash! I can get an '08 fit sport (Automatic, cruise control, mp3) for about 18k out the door.

The prius supposedly gets about 45/50 mpg so yeah that is the huge selling point, even though when the tome comes to replace the hybrid battery pack it'll cost you at least $2,500-3.5k!

So, with all this in mind, I'm thinking that the fit might be the better long term value, because even with the prius' better mpg, it would take many years to break even with he cost of the fit, if ever.

Btw, toyota plans to unveil their next incarnation of the prius thqat will make current models look like gas-guzzlers! 2009!

Btw#2: Go here for mpg estimates on all cars:
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