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Originally Posted by lightbulbjim View Post
Thanks! What's the diameter of the valve stem on the new tube? I currently have a Foss tube on my 36er but was under the impression that the standard rubber tube had a thicker valve stem.

I don't suppose anybody knows the weight of a 36" Foss tube off the top of their head? On UDC it just says "30% lighter than a standard tube", but it would be good to have some real world numbers.....
The Foss tube weighs 247g / .54lb per the UDC site. The new tube weighs 220g. That's a little less then 1oz lighter. Weight is kind of a trade off. I guess it boils down to holding air better in the new Butyl tube or the self sealing capability of a Foss.

You can get a Schrader-Presta, rubber rim hole adapter online or from your LBS. So a new smaller hole does not have the be drilled in the rim.

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