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Originally Posted by johnfoss View Post
Yes. Some roadways can be really great riding surfaces, but they will carry that risk of driver+cellphone. Also there is usually more road camber to deal with.

Many rides are also a combination of those five road types. If so, you could say something like "90% #1, 8% #3 and 1% #5.

But rather than try to make rules for this thread, better to offer suggestions. Type of road is part of the story. Others could be:
  • Condition of road surface
  • Amount of climbing
  • Weather conditions
  • # of actual stops or dismounts
  • High or low overall elevation
  • Whatever else is interesting or relevant
It's not a contest, it's just people sharing their 100-milers. It's an achievement in itself, but it can be fun to compare what other riders chose to tackle on their rides.

For example, my century was in some optimum easy conditions, with beautiful weather. Not that any 100-mile ride is easy, and not without problems (I had to set up a second unicycle after getting a ride home at mile 76; read about it earlier in this thread). It wasn't the century I had trained for, it was supposed to be all at high elevation with thousands of feet of climb and all on the side of the road, but maybe someday in the future...
Well said, johnfoss!
I was worried that this thread would become yet another
"Mine is longer and harder than yours!"

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