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I would recommend the 29 for off road use because it is much more nimble than a 36". The top cruising speed is reasonable as Dane suggests. I would get 150 cranks for off road and 125 or shorter for on road: the dual KH cranks are great. I would not put a brake on it immediately. It is not necessary most or all of the time, especially with longer cranks. After you have been riding it a while you can add a brake. I do have a brake on mine bit I do not use it much.

For longer road ride, however, I would much prefer a 36". Yeah, I could do 20 miles on a 29", but it would be more fun and less effort on a 36". You can use the 29" in a pinch and it will certainly work, but if you do a lot of road riding you will probably want a 36" eventually.

Have fun.

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