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KH29 or KH36? Please help me decide

I know that I have seen similar posts, but what I want is specific information about each unicycle. I apologize if this information is obvious, but I have spent a good couple hours researching. I appreciate your help and any information that you are able to provide. I have listed my questions about the unicycles below.

1. I also am a shorter person at about 5" 6". Will my short legs (30" inseam) prevent me from riding the KH36?

2. I tend to ride offroad, which is why I am leaning towards the KH29. Has anyone had experience with the KH36 offroad? Is it durable enough?

3. I don't anticipate doing great distances (mostly offroad or around town). Maybe 25 - 40 miles a day (and this would be rare). Can the KH29 handle this?

4. Can the KH29 fully replace my KH24 as my MUni?

5. And my most important question. What would you guess the average comfortable speed of both the KH29 and KH36?

Thank you for your help!
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