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I want to clarify (again) that I have no problem with ebikes or eunicycles as commuters. That's great.

It's when you start bringing them on designated hiking/biking trails that I believe they have no place.

When I say they'll hurt our sport, I'm not necessarilly talking about unicycling directly, but mtb. If the industry keeps pushing e*mountain*bikes, we may begin to see trail closures.

As far as the elderly and handicapped go, I think it's a gray area. A 70 year old guy can ride a motorcycle too, but those are also not legal on most trails (around here), so I tend to say they may be SOL.

But what do I know, wheelGO you're right, I'm definitely not a genius. Have fun with your *assault* of Mt. Snowdon. I hope you at least break a sweat lifting it out of your car.
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