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Originally Posted by Canoeheadted View Post
Ruari, how many unicycles do you own?
From the smallest to the largest
  • 16" QU-AX Luxus (primarily for my kids to learn, one is attempting now. Though I have also had it in the office and used it to help colleagues to learn in a very confined space)
  • 24" URC Road Series 1
  • 26" Nimbus Muni
  • 28" Pashley
  • 29" QU-AX Muni (Ok, this is not really mine. It is on seemingly permanent loan from UniMyra. Though he is of course welcome to have it back any time he sees fit)
  • 36" UDC Trainer

The 26" and 36" account for 90%+ of my usage as these are the two I commute on daily. I probably use the 36" the most because of the speed advantage, particularly in summer (but sometimes use the 26" for variation, e.g. the last few days) and the the 26" almost exclusively last winter because of the bigger range of tyre options. My current favourite winter commuting tyre being a Kenda Klondike XT 26"x2.35. Though if the snow is uncleared (and there is little to no exposed ice) the Duro Wildlife actually works quite well in the winter as well.

The 24" is new, but already the next most used. I use it to play around and try out stuff, also for travel (I took it to the US recently). I have commuted on it but it is a little slow.

P.S. If I could only have one it would be the 26" Nimbus Muni. I can get a decent speed on it and it is the most flexible for my usage because of the wheel size (leading to lots of tyre possibilities) and I love my VCX+ 3-holed cranks. Though I would really miss the special feel of the 36".

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