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Originally Posted by pierrox View Post
I'm in NYC for the week... with my unicycle. Thanks for mentioning the Summer Streets scheme, I forgot about that. Might go then. Will you be there? Other NYC'er's?
Great to hear that! I'm planning to try to take advantage of it - starting around grand central / 42nd street (have to think a bit about what the tunnel and overpass do in terms of access and crowding) then heading either north or south from there.

Had been meaning to post something about it on the NYUC facebook page anyway, so just did that. I don't really know much of the local crowd yet, having only made it to one of their meetings a few weeks back (a few hours before purchasing my unicycle) though I did have a great conversation with Ken who was instrumental in helping me get started in the right direction.

I'm still undecided if I'll bring the 26" out on Saturday and try to get more comfortable riding a few blocks at a time on that, or the 20" and see if there are areas wide and quiet enough to ride in circles and work on currently elusive transitions between travel and hopping. May have to see here in a bit if any of that which I've been trying on the 20" seems transferrable yet.
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