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Having to constantly get on and off during your commute...should create the circumstances for you to learn to self-mount. Sorry if we've been through this already, but I think the tire-grab could be a nice, reliable mount on a 26" with 127mm cranks.

Hopefully, as you improve, your estimation of how much of the commute is rideable...will increase. Don't take any chances with traffic, however. It's best to get off and walk across an intersection, then live to ride another day. When your mounting improves, riding short sections will not seem so impractical, and mounting will not be so strenuous.

You might, at some point, consider trying longer ISIS cranks on the 26". I know they give you excess, unneeded leverage for flat riding...however, you complained about being nervous riding around other people. If dodging pedestrians is going to be a normal part of your ride, then I think longer cranks will help with maneuvering...maybe I'm wrong about that, and I'd be curious to get input from other riders about how crank length affects right/left maneuverability.

Reading your posts reminds me that we all learn under different geographic conditions. Whatever advice you receive needs to be put through the filter of you knowing your own landscape better than anyone else. NYC seems like a challenging place to learn. Good luck!
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