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Originally Posted by aracer View Post
Huge in what sense? I got a 26er when I'd been able to ride my 20 for about 6 weeks, and yes it was a big step, but far from being an insurmountable one (I'm sure a 24 would have seemed fairly straightforward), and now nearly 2 months later I'm very happy on the 26. Can't think of any circumstance in which I'd choose to ride a 22 rather than either. If I had to pick just one size to own it would be a tough call, but if I was picking between 20, 22 and 26, the 22 wouldn't make the shortlist.
I hate to sound like an old, out of shape wimp... but...
I want a smooth transition between the 20 and the 24.
I was riding the 24 months ago. I don't know what went wrong... other than FEAR after falling and knocking the wind out of my sails more than I wanted... and bruising my hip so it looked like a goose egg.... I'm fairly happy with the improvement after going back to the 20", but I'm still having a TON of trouble freemounting the 24". If I can't get the freemounting, the riding is so frustrating I get discouraged.

I want to move to a bigger wheel.
I'm thinking if I could take a smaller step BETWEEN the 20" and the 24" it would be really helpful.

Thanks for your help everyone.
All comments are appreciated!


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