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Look at it this way

There is a moderately strong movement in the mountain bike world where people are using 650B wheels (27.5") They claim it is a sweet spot between 26 and 29" wheels.

29 is only about 11% bigger than 26 while 24 is 20% bigger than a 20.

I never really liked the 24" size for anything. too big for freestylish stuff (for me) and to small for muni or anything else (for my likes and trails)

20" feels OK but I think I would be more comfortable on a slightly bigger wheel.

I want to try a 22 but need to sell off some unused unicycle bits first. I am getting a bit of a collection.

@cmc: you wouldn't want to trade for a used but round and true KH24 rim a couple tires and a new Nokian 24x3 DH tube would you? If not I will wait till spring.

I am sort of wishing I didn't sell my 07 KH20 frame since I think it would fit a 22" wheel nicely.

On a tangental subject the wheel size we are really missing is 32" I am having a lot of fun with that wheel size.
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