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Glad you're O.K., but sorry that you're rider got a little banged up.

Sometimes we just don't listen to the voices around us.

First the forum voices that tell us to watch our laces because they can get tangled up on our cranks and pedals. We've read it dozens of times and most of the time we remember to fasten our laces.

Then there are our internal voices.
First it starts as a whisper,
Originally Posted by cathwood
"Feeling a bit twitchy" or "I have never anticipated the need to phone for help on a short ride."
We ignore that, then there is shouting, Hey, I'm talking to you,
Originally Posted by cathwood
"I went (as you would expect) flying off the unicycle."
Of course we ignore that final warning. So the voice says to herself, not going to listen to me, fine have it your way.
Originally Posted by cathwood
"Next thing I know, I had crashed to the ground and my foot was fastened securely to the crank via my lace. Ouch!!!"
It's amazing that we ever live to adulthood.
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