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1st Nimbus 36er crash

I did something really silly yesterday.

I went out for a short ride in the dark last night. For some reason I was feeling a bit twitchy even before I went out. Also I took my mobile phone with me - which I never have done before on a short ride as I have never anticipated the need to phone for help on a short ride.

Anyway, i was riding along (after doing some hard core pratting about deciding where to get on and not wanting to do it where groups - or at least one or two - of noisy youths were coming down the street). I was approaching a T junction and couldn't decide whether there was a car coming or not and couldn't decide whether to stop or not. So - my bottom half stopped and my top half didn't and I went (as you would expect) flying off the unicycle. Fortunately I landed on my feet and managed to run it out. I retrieved the uni and continued.

Eventually having settled down to a good pace riding along I felt this tug on my foot. Next thing I know, I had crashed to the ground and my foot was fastened securely to the crank via my lace. Ouch!!! I had to wriggle to the side of the road to avoid getting run over before I could undo myself.

I'm going to buy shoes without laces next time.

PS I'm bruised and battered but the uni's OK.

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