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Originally Posted by johnfoss View Post
it's not good for writing stuff on
Indeed, the calendar is not intended for practical use beyond being inspiring/beautiful. Photopaper (which I recommend) isn't very amenable to writing on anyway.

that doesn't stop me from displaying it
What does stop you is that you don't have (requested) a copy for this year's edition.

Last year's calendar lived on the wall in my office at work, and I could show people the "unicyclist of the month" and tell a little bit about what they were doing.
That's the spirit!

Ultimately, that is, if I were making my own version, I'd do a larger format, where the photo (or photos) would occupy one sheet, and the calendar for that month would be on the other, below it.
That is an option that is often used for calendars to make them bigger than the papaer they're printed on. It's a matter of taste but I think the calendar is big enough as it is.
Also, if the picture occupies a whole A4 (I keep thinking European paper), its aspect ratio must be quite explicitly 'landscape' or 'portrait'. On the current format the allotted space is more squarish (5:4) so that portrait pictures are still possible without too much empty space. (2018 doesn't contain any though.)

In my country we have what's called Tabloid size, at 11 x 17". I'm sure there is a European equivalent of that.
In Europe, we do have tabloid size for newspapers. But for consumer printing paper, all I know of is the A series of sizes. The next one up from A4 is A3.

The A* size system is nicely designed. A4 is about 210 x 297 mm. A3 keeps the 297 mm, but the other size is 420 mm. The aspect ratio stays the same from size to size, i.e. the square root of two (about 1.41). The surface area of the 'grand-grandfather', A0, is 1 m2 by definition.

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