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Well, I just had my '03 Honda crv detailed and since it only has 60k miles and is still like new im/out, I just cou;dn't justify spending $18,000 on a new (inferior quality) much smaller Honda fit, when I would only gain about 5 mpg improvement! Just doesn't make sense now. And it seems insane to spend the current RIP OFF going price of more than $30k out the door for a standard prius. Rediculous. I also only average about 12-15k total miles per year.

I could see if you were commuting a lot and putting on 30k or more a year, the you would definitely save a lot in gas cost, but is $30k worth the extra money you save in gas? I think we're going to see some MAJOR mpg improvements even in the pirus soon, and so the current models will become outdated soon. I'll just wait another year ot 2.
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