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It is “Winter Bike to Work Day” so I figured I would do it on a unicycle. At the last minute it occurred to me to take a few pictures but I generally do not carry a smartphone, so I am afraid these are not the highest quality, having been taken with a 2MP camera on a basic feature phone. I have also resized them down. Nonetheless here is a selection from the commute I do pretty much every day (well one of my two routes anyway).

Olso is looking pretty nice today and the paths and roads were pretty well maintained.

Hard to see here but this hill is relatively steep and I had to go in the road. I did wonder if the lack of spiked tyres today might be my downfall (quite literally)

This is the river close to my office

The final bridge I need to cross, where I hit some “traffic”

A “selfie” for the sake of it. It's actually pretty hard to do. Not because of the snow/ice (as you can see it is pretty clear) but mainly holding the phone in reverse (only a backwards camera) and trying to line it up and time it.

Finally, the unicycle. This is a particularly low quality picture (sorry)

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