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Originally Posted by Setonix View Post
why do the handlebars point downwards? Isn't it more comfy to have them going up?
Hi, I assume you are refering to the images I posted - since I ride long-and-low Its an interesting question because I think it highlights the purpose of having bars and how that relates to riding posture, and the reasons a rider might be using them in the first place!

This is only my personal interpretation that applies to a 36er really because, for me, its starting to get close to the equivalent of riding a b*ke. That means, riding the road and for longer distances. As you can see, both the uni's in the photos have handlebars that are streched out to virtually the longest distance they will go and they are 'upside down' so there is a noticable 'drop' at the bars. I have ridden these uni's like this for a few years and ridden both of them 100miles in a day with this setup.

I feel the reason I prefer this is inherently something to do with the principle of balance and how, what is happening from the hips down, is different than what may be happening from the waist up.

On a long road ride I feel the ability to go distance is a balance between using as much energy effectively for the hips and legs whilst 'quietening' the whole top half of the body.

I started riding a 36 with a handle that was so short it intruded on my crotch! Gradually, the position of the handle evolved to the way it is now for comfort! Because the top half of my body needed to do very little, whilst the bottom half did all the work. I now ride with my hands protruding further forward than the wheel.

So I would say there are three areas actually. From the hips down, from the waist up and from the shoulders to the hands. I do very little to ride, no bounce, no flick, no jump etc. For me it is the quintessential nature of long-distance riding
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