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Right, so this isn't my current project but I was asked about it in a different thread.

Here's how my 36er's rack is put together.

The rack is a mini rack like this:
which is mounted to the bottom Magura mounts with some spacers.

Then I took apart an M-Wave quick release bottle cage: off the interlocking cross section and drilled a hole in the rack so I could screw the two together.

I needed to put some old inner tube around the frame to stop the clamp marking it and to ensure it wasn't going to move but that's it.

The bag I have on has a natural rise at the back which goes against the slight downward slant of the rack making it roughly flat on top.

It works well but it does add a bit of weight. In the summer it means I can ride without a backpack to stop me getting a sweaty back
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