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Originally Posted by Klaas Bil View Post
My 'secret' plan is to make a 2015 unicycling calender of it. While this is primarily for personal use, I'm willing to share a printable pdf file for private and non-commercial use, like before. I'll post about it in this thread.
Finally the 2015 World Unicycling Calendar is ready and up on my wall.

Captions are in English, calendar months and weekdays are in Dutch (for an exotic touch ).

If you want a download link for a pdf copy to print the calendar for yourself, drop me an email at klaas.bil(at)unicyclist(dot)com. Only for personal and non-commercial use.

Thanks to everyone who submitted pictures. The 12 selected photographs are compiled in the second picture. It is a bit heavy on the theme "male muni rider in beautiful scenery". Besides being a personal choice, I had not much luck this year getting hi-res versions of more diverse pictures. Something to be desired for next year...
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