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We did it! What an event, the weather was good, the turn out was great , and the riding was awesome!

Thanks so much to everyone who made it to "Ride the Raccoon", we had riders from as far away as Memphis, Alabama, and Maryland. I didn't do a "head count", but we had ~twenty five people attend, fifteen or so trail riders, there were also some kids who rode in camp and are "building skills" for next year

Friday night we had a big rain event, so those of us who were at the campground just hunkered down. Claude was the only one who went out riding; he was on the mountain during the rain; woops.

Saturday morning we had a slow start, in part because folks got in late the night before, and well, why rush things if you don't have to...we also found out that we were sharing the trails with six hundred runner Fortunately they didn't use any of the major trails we were riding, so we hardly saw them, and by early afternoon they were long gone.

We met at the Switchyard trailhead, ate donuts and played around until everyone arrived, then got riding around 10:30a on a trail called the Small Intestive, a circuitous trail that winds back on itself for ~3.5 miles, We had some a photo ops where the young guns strutted their stuff by hucking a rock ledge. It was warm and the humidy was high, but we all finished together and there were no "major" injuries.

After finishing the morning ride we had a relaxing lunch in the shade, then it was off for round two. The afternoon ride was a little more technical, we rode the Switchyard Connector trail to Upper Chunky for some "trail trials" on the big rock out croppings that give Chunky it's name. On the way there we some fun on an elevated log. From Upper Chunky we headed over to Lower Chunky for some DH and more rock play, the looped back to the Switchyard..

It was threatening rain, so we packed up quick and headed back to the campground. After showers and snacking, we had an informal potlock and ate marshmellows and smores.

Folks were looking a little sleepy Sunday morning, but we did get an earlier start, meeting at Laurel Point for our final ride. We had a dozen riders start on Laurel Point Trail. Laurel Point provided us with some exciting stuff, an eclectic mix of rock jumbles and roots, fast packed trail in places, a few rock ledges, then finishing with flowing single track on a pine needle carpet down Electric Avenue Trail.

Two days, three rides, some new friends, plenty to eat, and good weather, what more could you ask for?!

Here's a link to my public Photo Bucket, feel free to copy pictures and repost at will:

And a couple teasers:

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