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Well, it looks like We a not alone in wanting to utilize the resources at Raccoon Mountain. I must have missed this event when I was checking for other uses cuz there are going to be a whole bunch of trail runners out there at the same time as us.

After checking out the trail event plans, it does not look feasible to try and park at the Laurel Point area as there will be hundreds of cars trying to park close to the start/finish.

So, we are now meeting at the Switchyard parking lot, which is located aprox one mile from the interstection of the reservoir ring road and the access road. The Switchyard is very easy to find as there is a large power substation located next to the parking area. The Switchyard does not have bathrooms or water, but there is some shade and a nice grassy area for picnicing.

From the Switchyard we will have easy access to Small Intestine, Grindstone Ridge, Upper and Lower Chunky, as well as some easy single track. There is plenty space in the parking area and paved access road for new riders to practice.

If you have any questions, call me at eight, six, five, four, eight, three, eight, seven, three, five.

Sorry for the last minute changes, fortunately all those folks will be gone by late afternoon, so we'll have the trails to ourselves on Sunday.
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