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We got coverage in the local news:

Too bad it's not me

I will be out of internet contact after noon on Friday, so if you need my cell #, send me a pm or email through the website, and I'll respond back.

If anyone needs more info or has questions about the event, send me a message.

We have a couple groups coming Memphis, one from Alabama, a few from Tennessee, no one so far from NC (I think they're shunning us), looks like awesome weather, hopefully that'll bring out the "maybe attenders".

Josh from UDC is coming with all his toys, a learning bar, maybe he'll bring some prototypes

The events start at 9am Sat and Sun, meeting at Laurel Point on Raccoon Mountain, google for directions, there are two ways to come in, if you get lost, ask directions, everyone knows Raccoon Mountain.

There are no stores nearby, so bring your cooler ful of food and drink, we'll all picnic together.

I'll be at the campground Friday night, driving a red Honda Element with racks and a UNI sticker (of course).

See ya there!
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