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Seriously, I assume there are actually trails around/through the boulders in that great photo above, right? Doable (umm, response from other than Tom Holub please) for a 29er roller and a kid on a 24?
Another question: how steep are we talking? I've been meaning to get my son a brake, just need to know how much training to put him through on it.

Oh, and there's that little factor of I still haven't been back on a uni since breaking my leg, and have follow-up surgery tomorrow. . . but October's far enough off, eh?
You should come, there's always mellow trails and there are always mellow riders, not everyone jumps off buolders; I certainly do not!

Bring your son, I was thinking of doing the same with mine, though he probably can't go do to school and marching band season.

You don't "need" brakes, but short cranks can be tiring if there's a lot of downhill. My son rode the Oregon over teh weekend with 150's and he said even with brakes his legs got tired.
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