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White elephant gift exchange: bring something silly, uni related, regifting is okay, nothing too spendy, nothing to risque, nothing illegal, etc, etc...

This event is an everyone plays sorta deal, so bring the kids, grandparents, neighbors, anyone with even the slightest interest in unicycling. If they can't uni, we'll teach them to uni!

Josh from Unicycle.Com is planning to attend, I bet he'll bring some unis for demos, I'll have some uni demos, and if all the riders being an extra uni we'll have an army of unis!! Don't forget the giraffes, minibikes, and other odds and ends that make unicycling so dang wierd

I'm working on permitting and insurance, cross your fingers for free coverage, otherwise all riders will need to join the USA ($20 per person) to participate in the event. But hey, that's a small price to pay for an otherwise free event, yeah!

I'm heading down there tomorrow to ride Small Intestine, assuming the freeze thaw warnings are over, otherwise it's riding Enterprise. Seriously, Chattanooga has some of the best riding on the East Coast!

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