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Can I buy a pair of two left gloves?

I have owned a couple sets of KH Pulse gloves and I will be one of the first to buy a Spring 2011 pair when available. I also own a a pair of ProDesign, Hillbilly (fingerless), and DocMeter's Flexmeter but all of those have plastic skid plates in the palm that make it all but impossible to operate the brake lever on the Shadow handlebar of my "36 Nimbus (disc) Impulse. My left "braking" hand rarely leaves the handlebar (see Title of post) so Pulse gloves are my one and only option. Another wonderfully unique product brought to market by Kris Holm that I just can't live without. I stitch up the rips and tears as they come thanking goodness all the way that the glove saved me from road rash. As for handling the brunt force of a UPD off a 36er at speed, I trust my right "disc golf" wrist to DocMeter's Flexmeter from SnowBoardingSecrets dot com. I got the all seasons guards but would be interested to know if the Single Splint guards would allow me to operate my brake lever. I have asked this in a couple of other (see links below) threads if anyone knows.

Edit: I understand the supply/demand curve of a niche market but if those fingerless ever go into production, I would most certainly buy a pair.

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