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Rode the Hudson Valley Walkway today. The walkway over the Hudson river is getting so crowded that even with my getting there early to beat the rush, its crowded with people along the way. I tried going back to the inland rail trails I used to ride, but with the winter storms, they are closed with trees down crossing the path. Last week I rode one despice being closed, and in the 2 mile ride I had to climb over/around at least 15 trees.

So today at the walkway, I stopped to ask the ranger what plans there are to clear the rail trails. He didn't know. After that, he joked, where's the other wheel, then mentioned that another, younger unicyclist has been riding the walkway. He carefully explained, that my riding that big(36") wheel is good, but that guy on the smaller wheel is really something, doing one foot, hoping, idling... all the really impressive tricks.

Luckily for me I had just happen to have met up with this young rider 2 days ago along the walkway where he was with his parents. It's delta_224 id from delta_224 does ride very well, amazing for the short time he has been riding. I could see just when he first mounted, that he was in control, didn't need to ride off to gain balance, just seemed patient, as if there was no hurry to move at all. He had shown me his one foot riding, and other skills, good thing for me I knew he deserved those high praises.

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