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I've started "pimping" my new Bunnycycle MIK 12 already...

I had to buy a longer seatpost so I got a 700mm Nimbus post from UDC UK. Unfortunately this uses a standard seatpost bracket as opposed to the Miyata-style bracket on the Bunny's (very nice) standard seat, so I got a Qu-Ax "Flame" seat at the same time.

I thought as I was now going down the "pimp" route I'd get a maltese cross valve cap too.

I'm also going to be changing the seatpost clamp. I got a single bolt Impact clamp, but the quick release clamp on the Bunny is held on with two small spots of weld, I've now removed them but the Impact clamp doesn't cover the bare metal that was left behind, so I'm getting a double bolt clamp which should be big enough to cover it up nicely.

Long term I'd like to convert it to ISIS... But we'll see what The Mrs. has to say about that!
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