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juggleaddict 2015-10-04 01:32 PM

Impact Naomi: $15
Odyssey JC Trailmix pedals: $10
Shadow Bar w/25.4 post and new KH t-bar and bar ends: $60
Shadow Bar w/27.2 post, nimbus t bar and bar ends (comes with one roll of bar tape to fix the damaged bartape on the barends): $50
KH slim saddle: $25
double-bolt clamp: $5


juggleaddict 2015-10-14 03:45 PM

Saddles are gone.

Also open to trades for parts.

Looking for 165 moments, 137/140mm cranks (both ISIS), Nate 3.8 tire, ultimate wheel, circus bike, or club-level 24" learner

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