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saam 2005-03-23 10:18 AM

whats your NKS rating?
NKS= New Kewl System (ok it might need a new name :p)

i think they should change the level system. it should be replaced with my kewl system. instead of having a level you have a rating. every skill or trick will have a certain amount of points (if the skill is in level 5 then it gets 5 points), then you add up all the points from all the skills you can do then get a rating.... and the best thing is it doesn't matter what order you do things in (example you can wheel walk before you can ride backwards)

if you can:
free mount (1)
ride 50m (1)
ride down 15cm vertical drop (2)
hop 5 times (3)

you would have a rating of 7 (if my math is right :p)

in the NKS (new kewl system) my rating is 75

what is your NKS rating?

TheObieOne3226 2005-03-23 11:04 AM


UNIquelyCanadian 2005-03-23 01:04 PM

Interesting Idea!
Mine would be around 140.

I do trials and Muni.

UniTyler 2005-03-23 03:10 PM

I'm around 160 on a good day where I havn't had any caffeine (caffeine makes me really wobbly and gitttttery....)

jsm 2005-03-23 05:57 PM


saam 2005-03-23 10:07 PM

595 is the max you can be so i am 75/595

KcTheAcy 2005-03-23 10:35 PM


jsm 2005-03-24 01:15 AM

I picked up another level ten skill, (one-footed wheel walk in circle with left foot) so now I'm 549/595.:)

jsm 2005-03-24 01:39 AM

Whoops! I calculated it, and the max is 603, not 595.

Unitik908 2005-03-24 01:51 AM

dude what a really cool idea.. im 246 sounds alot better than level 5.


eenwieler 2005-03-24 08:59 AM

i will come to 374/603

Nice way to count you valuable.

I think I will build a script that's is calculating this way of score for my website.


unicycle_x 2005-03-24 07:29 PM

this is an awsome idea! i will use this system when at my club. I am currently 226/603

loosejello 2005-03-24 07:46 PM

Been ridin for 6 months, and I'm at 83/603

forrestunifreak 2005-03-24 08:28 PM

Im 412/603 (i think)

ColDawG 2005-03-24 09:07 PM

nice idea!!!
after 2.5 months of riding i'm a 150 :-)
The one thing i don't like about those skills is it doesn't measure you're trials or MUni ability.. it's mostly freestyle

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