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forrestunifreak 2005-09-19 09:53 PM

NW Montana Hill Climb Championships Oct. 2
I am considering riding in a bicycle hill climb race Oct. 2, in Missoula, MT. (A city nearby were I live) Its mainly a bike race, but they have unicycle, tandem, and handcycle categories as well. Its a timed 4 mile uphill race with an elavation gain of 850 feet.

The unicycle time record was set in 1995 by a mysterious Emmet Purcell with a time of 25 minutes 10 seconds.

Would it be a reasonable goal to beat that time, or at least get close on a 24" muni with 150 cranks? I have no idea what he rode when he set that record, but in 1995 it couldnt have been to fancy... What do you people with more knowledge of unicycle racing think about it?

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