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  1. MuniAddict
    2011-03-31 03:19 AM
    My latest video. trying to ride faster on the technical stuff.
  2. MuniAddict
    2011-03-16 12:14 AM
    On 3-6-11, during the 38th annual Fargo St. Hill climb challenge event, I became the very first, and so far ONLY person to have ever successfully climbed the famous street's massive 33% grade street. I did it on my 24" MUni...TWICE! Fargo st. is one of the steepest streets in the entire US! Here's the video of my first climb, followed by a TV segment about it, which was seen by millions!

  3. MuniAddict
    2011-02-26 10:54 PM
    After almost a year and a half since my last attempt, I successfully climbed famous Fargo Street hill, on 2/23/11, on my 24" MUni! With rooting from Stevyo, I made it to the top of the massive 33% grade, 530 foot monster hill with every ounce of stamina I could muster...and then some!
  4. MuniAddict
    2010-12-10 02:17 AM
    Sounds like fun Erik! Have a nice Christmas and have fun on your travels and trails!
  5. erikmoda
    2010-12-10 01:24 AM
    Yeah i do some short travels , and the boring part is takes much time haha+)
    Im sure one day i will bought a 24''! but in this christmas i will travel to a city who have a lot of trails , will be a funny challenge and LOONG trip for me haha!
  6. MuniAddict
    2010-12-10 12:49 AM
    Hi Erik. I agree with you 100%! My main passion is MUni, and I've been doing now for almost 5 straight years. I also love riding for miles and miles along the beach on my 36er. The flatland tricks are definitely a great new challenge, and I do want to keep learning, but MUni will always be my favorite! Yes, you can definitely do MUni on your trials, but it will take forEVER to really go anywhere, haha. But it will be fine for doing the obstacles and drops off things, but I would highly recommend a 24 for hardcore MUni, or even a 26er, and 29ers are great for more moderate to cross country type MUni. Yeah, tricks are fun, but I really love riding the trails and GOING somehwere and having an adventure!
  7. erikmoda
    2010-12-10 12:42 AM
    Today I start thinking of practicing muni
    I feel great in just riding unicycle and pass the obstacles, much better than doing tricks haha
    But I do not have much money available to buy for a new Muni Unicycle
    Is it possible for me to practice with my KH 20''?
    Tips for the Young and passionate mountain rider?
    I loved climbing mountains since childhood, my balance in trees etc. ..
    I strongly believe that Muni is the best for me, sorry I just discover these days = (
    Flatland is cool But I'm incredibly scared in some tricks and not feel so excited to try endlessly to get up and land a trick
    I am thrilled to pass obstacles, drop and roll on the ground, trying to get up again, and try some skinny standstill Thaanks Terry haha!
  8. MuniAddict
    2010-12-03 10:42 PM
    Hi Eric. I might not know the correct way, but I put my feet centered on the rollo/cank if I'm doing static wraps, since the wheel isn't really moving much forward or back. If I do a crank *roll* I would guess that if you are pushing the wheel forward, then the foot that's on the crank would be slightly closer to the ball of that foot, so that when the wheel moves forward you foot will then be centered or at least still well on the pedal.
  9. erikmoda
    2010-12-03 10:22 PM
    hiii terry how are you? , im here to make you a flat question haha! , to not be boring and longer , where do you exactly put your front and back foot on the crank? you put the middle of your front foot on the ball of the crank? ( where the KH rollo discs fits) or you put in another place? and the back foot? thanks for the attencion erik moda
  10. MuniAddict
    2010-11-22 09:47 PM
    I used to take my own *real* maple syrup into IHop so I could have it on me panckaes!

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