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  1. MuniAddict
    2017-03-28 02:32 PM
    Here's my latest video that's a bit of a departure for me in terms of the overall look and mood of the video. Professionally filmed by Chase DuBose using his state-of-the-art "MOVI freefly" handheld stabilizing system, it really gives this video a film-like polish. I had fun editing. We shot on Sunday, 3/17/17, this time at ''Stagecoach" trail in Simi valley, CA. (AKA, "Devil's Slide")

    This particular trail is treacherous enough to walk, (and ride!) let alone RUN while Chase (and his assistant Kyle Frank) was carrying video equipment worth untold thousands! The feeling was eerily surreal due to the mix of fog and a rarely seen stream trickling down the all-rock trail.

    Btw, this trail is utterly unique in that the built-in baby head formations are almost all back-facing, so it’s like riding down a mile of rugged, random sized speed bumps! We had a blast!

  2. MuniAddict
    2017-03-05 02:39 AM
    Took my Nimbus Oracle 26er back to a favorite trail today in Oak Park, CA, called "Dead Cow". Super technical but recent heavy rains caused many loose rocks and boulders to come tumbling down, blocking off some sections, so it's short video. But Just hiking this trail will rattle your bones, let alone riding it, and you’ll feel I for days afterward! Be sure to watch some cool hiker comments at the end, especially the blonde!. :-D

  3. MuniAddict
    2017-02-15 11:23 PM
    Wanted to try mounting on a railroad track and riding on it as a way to get better at riding skinnies. First idea was to use a smaller wheel like a trials, but then had the crazy idea to try it on a 36er, haha! :-D (The rounded steel track was pretty slick and slippery, which didn't exactly fill me with confidence! :O )

  4. MuniAddict
    2017-01-31 01:42 AM
    UniGeezer: Season 12, Ep. 3

  5. adamuni
    2016-08-11 02:23 AM
    I finally got an offer for a 36er. It's a Nimbus Nightrider. Do you know about it or how much it costs new? He's offering me $300! My friend just bought a nimbus Imlulse and they look the same. How do they compare?
  6. adamuni
    2016-08-09 12:00 PM

    I'm still on the hunt for a 36er. The research isn't really helping because it's impossible to find a 36er with a good value. I'm just hoping you would know any websites besides unicyclist.com and UDC where I can find a good deal for a 36er (used/new).


    P.S. My friend (CarmiOhr) and I are so amazed that we get to talk to the Unigeezer!)
  7. adamuni
    2016-08-03 01:52 AM
    Dear Unigeezer,

    I'm in Montreal with my family and I was really planning on riding my uni tomorrow morning (it's 9:50 PM). I just realized that one of my spokes is really loose and I'm able to twist it with my hand. Would it be ok it ride or tomorrow morning as long as a take it easy on the road?

  8. adamuni
    2016-07-31 02:09 AM
    Dear Unigeezer,

    I am a huge fan of your YouTube channel! I just wanted to ask an expert for their opinion. I am interested in a 36er but without spending a ton of money. I would much prefer a uni that will last me a long time and would be robust. Would the Coker suit me well? If it wouldn't, do you have any recommendations on what I should get? You should know that I'm 14 and don't have an an income besides gifts and snow shoveling money. Also, are brakes and/or handlebars very important pieces to a 36er? Finally, The Coker only comes with 150mm cranks. Are those too big for a 36er if I want it for long distance riding? If it is, can I change the cranks on a Coker?
  9. bouin-bouin
    2016-05-14 08:50 AM
    Hi Terry,
    I sent you a message through Facebook. I'm looking for a NNC Flat Fish CF base, Peter Barrell told me you should have one; would you agree to sell it ?
  10. MuniAddict

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